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 Life is Strange - Episode 1: Chrysalis

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PostSubject: Life is Strange - Episode 1: Chrysalis    Wed Jun 22, 2016 9:52 pm

Max Caulfield, student at Blackwell Academy in Arcadia Bay, Oregon, discovers she can rewind time. The episode revolves around her testing her power and reuniting with her old best friend, Chloe Price. The pair set out to find out more about the disappearance of Rachel Amber, the harassment of Kate Marsh and the drug schemes of Nathan Prescott. The friendship between Max and Chloe is put to the test as Max debates whether to reveal her rewind power. Can they save Arcadia Bay from destruction at the hands of the oncoming tornado?


High School
Main Campus
Girls' Dormitories
Dormitories - With The Flash Drive
Parking Lot
Chloe 's Truck
Chloe's House - Upstairs
Chloe's House - Downstairs
Chloe's House - With The Tools
Cliff - Nightmare


Max Caulfield
Victoria Chase
Kate Marsh
Nathan Prescott
Chloe Price
David Madsen
Mark Jefferson
Ray Wells
Warren Graham
Michelle Grant
Juliet Watson
Dana Ward
Taylor Christensen
Logan Robertson
Brooke Scott
Stella Hill
Luke Parker

Rachel Amber (Mentioned)
William Price (Mentioned)
Joyce Price (Mentioned)
Ryan Caulfield (Mentioned)
Vanessa Caulfield (Mentioned)
Kristen (Mentioned)
Fernando (Mentioned)
Bongo (Mentioned)


Chloe Price - (Pre-Rewind) Chloe is shot by Nathan Prescott. Max rewinds time to set off a fire alarm, which disrupts the conflict Chloe and Nathan were having.

Bird - (Determinant) A blue-jay flies against the window in Joyce and David's bedroom and immediately dies. It's up to Max to rewind and open the window before the bird hits it.

Featured Music:

"To All of You" - Syd Matters (Opening sequence, Blackwell Academy hallway)
"Crosses" - Jose Gonzalez (Optionally in Max's room on radio or guitar)
"Piano Fire" - Sparklehorse (Chloe's room)
"Santa Monica Dream" - Angus & Julia Stone (Chloe's room)
"Obstacles" - Syd Matters (Chloe and Max at the cliff, closing scene)

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Life is Strange - Episode 1: Chrysalis
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